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The Grizzly Labs is an independent company located in France specialized in mobile document scanning. We develop the award-winning scanner app Genius Scan (as well as Genius Fax and Genius Sign). Tens of millions of people have downloaded Genius Scan, and have scanned hundreds of millions of documents. Quality and trustworthiness are core to our business.

We license our document scanning technology to other companies that have document scanning needs.

We have also interests in other fields. In 2016, we launched Pyfl, an app that lets users create the map of their favorite places, add a comment for each of them, and get trustworthy recommendations from the maps of their friends.

At our scale, we try to make the world a better place: we are part of 1% for the Planet, which means that every time you buy one of our products or do business with us, a share of our revenues goes towards protecting the environment.



Guillaume Gigaud


Bruno Virlet

Business Developer

Jérôme Flipo

iOS Developer

Imanou Petit

R&D/ML Engineer

Jonathan Milgram

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