Genius Scan SDK

A document scanner SDK for your mobile applications

Add a custom document scanner to your app by using and customizing our proven imaging technology.
The Document Scanner SDK is the same software that we use at the core of Genius Scan: it's tried and tested every day by millions of people on iOS and Android.


Key features

detect document edges with SCANNER SDK

Automatic DOcument detection

This detection method determines the precise position of the edges of the documents. This allows the users to capture documents by pointing the camera at the targeted page.

The powers the Magic mode of the Genius Scan application, for scanning batches of documents without requiring any input from the user.

It has been optimized for speed and reliability over the years (hundreds of millions of documents scanned so far).

With the Edit Frame screen, the SDK also provides a user interface to adjust the edges of the document or crop the image to a portion of the page.


Document perspective correction

The perspective control routine corrects the projection distortion of the document.

It takes the original image and a quadrangle (typically generated by the document detection feature) to return a well-cropped and wraped image.

This allows your application to capture angled, distorted and skew images.


iphone SDK to correct perspective

document type detection & Image enhancement

Combined with other methods, these routines convert detected document into their most readable form by estimating the the best enhancement type or letting the user choose the most relevant one.

All four options are optimized to convert images captured with smartphone/tablet cameras into clear documents. This helps to correct the usual shortcomings of pictures captured with mobile devices: compensate for Flash exposition, removes shadow of the device and operator's body, reduce background noise, etc.

  • Grayscale: it outputs 8-bit images, which is recommended for capturing documents with degraded or shaded background, and for OCR pre-processing. It's ideal for receipts, contracts, office forms, official documents.
  • Color: like grayscale, it contrasts the background, but also preserves the colored text. This is perfect for documents with letterheads and illustrations, business cards, driving licenses, drawings, sketchbooks and whiteboards

  • Photo: this bumps up the colors to generate vivid documents. It provides the best rendering for postcards, photographs and paintings.


Multi-page PDF generation

Besides JPEG, the imaging SDK can generate PDF files of the scanned documents. This module supports:

  • PDF generator from the scanned images
  • Multi-page capabilities
  • Keywords metadata
  • Password protection

Document Scanning UI


Two interfaces are included in the document imaging SDK:

  1. Capture screen
    Displays a camera preview that can be fully customized (it set up the camera stack and comes free of any buttons/interface elements).
  2. Edit Frame screen
    Provides a user interface to adjust the edges of the detected quadrangle.


Development & Integration

The Document Scanner SDK is native to mobile platforms:

  • iOS SDK    (Objective-C)
  • Android library    (Java with NDK)

Cordova/Ionic support is also available through a plugin with the following workflow:

  1. capture screen with camera preview (or PDF/JPEG import)
  2. validation of detected quadrangle, and border adjustment
  3. preview of the corrected image (cropped and dewrapped)
  4. image enhancement (preview enhanced scan, or change to black-and-white, grayscale or color)

Let us know if you need Genius Scan for another platform/framework and participate our our beta program.

The Genius Scan SDK is a standalone document scanner SDK. Unlike scanning APIs, this allows your users to take advantage of a document scanner integrated into your app, that works fully offline and that does not rely on another application.


SDK licenses are per-application, and cross-platform. As such, a single license covers both the iOS and Android version of your app.

Licenses are available for a flat annual fee: there's no limit on the number of installations, users nor on the volume of scans.

License quotes vary by projects. Contact us through the form above to request a tailored proposal.

The SDK can be integrated with any kind of apps (private or public, for internal or external use...)


Our evaluation package comes with:

  • a fully-functional version of the SDK
  • example demo apps for iOS, Android & Cordova
  • a technical overview of the software
  • free, 30-day Test Licenses

Test Licenses allows you to test the integration of the SDK with your own application.

They are valid for 30 days and can be renewed at your request.


Used by millions of mobile users

The Document Scanner SDK has been integrated into iOS and Android apps since 2010, by startups, SMBs and enterprises. It's helping consumers manage their paperwork, app users sharing their content and remote workers capture their work documents on the field (truck drivers, utilities employees, court reporters, media publishers...).


No need for advanced customization?

Consider deploying the Genius Scan+ app on your employees' devices through an Mobile Device Management. With our managed configuration, you can distribute, pre-configure and control the scanning app remotely.

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