Genius Scan

A scanner in your pocket.

Also available on Windows

Genius Scan has helped people digitize more than 200 million documents. See how it will help you!

On the go

Equip your employees with Genius Scan and you won't need them to be back in the office to access their documents. They snap a picture, export by email and the signed contract arrives at the headquarters. We also support Box if that's where your company stores its files.

Expedite expenses

No more time wasted on long expense reports. With Genius Scan, snap a picture of that receipt and save. Once your business trip is over, you have a PDF document with multiple receipts that you can send to the accounting department. Or you can use our integration with Expensify.


With Genius Scan, snap a photo, crop the exact frame of the document and archive your document to Dropbox. Archiving documents makes it easier to find them later and saves you space.

Genius Scan also let you organize your documents to quickly access when you need them.

Be creative!

Our users keep coming up with new ways of using Genius Scan.

Because it let you correct the perspective of any image, some users correct the perspective of architecture photos with Genius Scan. Artists use Genius Scan to share sketches and get feedback. Musicians can easily put music score on their iPad for when they travel. You are on the field and you don't have a scanner? Just use Genius Scan.

What people are saying

What the press is saying
“Camera apps aren't designed for close-up text scanning, but Genius Scan is.”
Featured on the iPhone at Work Apple website.
“Need to scan an important document but aren’t near a business center? The free Genius Scan iPhone app is perfect for the business traveler who needs to scan on the fly.”
“Die Benutzung von Genius Scan ist intuitiv und die Qualität der verschickten Dokumente sehr gut. Für jeden der viel unterwegs ist und nicht immer einen Zugriff auf einen Scanner oder Kopierer hat, eine klare Download-Empfehlung.”
“Genius Scan fait partie des applications indispensables.”
— SVM Mac
“Elle n'a pas volé son titre de n° 1 des applications gratuites en France.”
— Ouest France
“Genius Scan überzeugt im Test auf ganzer Linie. Die Software ist einfach zu bedienen, und die Ergebnisse können sich absolut sehen lassen. Selbst klein gedruckte Texte sind gut lesbar, und die Blickwinkelkorrektur klappt hervorragend.”

Genius Scan is free  (, ).

Yes, free. The free version is fully functional.

We also have a premium version!  (, ).

If you like Genius Scan, you can decide to upgrade. This will unlock more features and in particular the export to your favorite cloud services. This includes: AirPrint, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote, WebDAV.

Feature Genius Scan
Genius Scan+
PDF documents
Email export
Save to library
Cloud export
No Ads
Import PDF
Auto upload


We reply to support emails quickly but make sure to checkout our knowledge base since most questions are answered there in details:

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