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Genius Scan has helped its users digitize more than half a billion documents. Discover how it will help you!


On The Go

Your employees are always on the field, collecting important documents from your customers. By scanning them with Genius Scan, you can get those documents to the headquarters instantly.

Genius Scan's business grade export options and batch scanning features can save you time.

Expedite Expenses

No more time wasted on long expense reports.

With Genius Scan, snap a picture of that receipt and save. Once your business trip is over, you have a PDF document with multiple receipts that you can send to the accounting department. Or you can use our integration with Expensify.

Share your work

Your artistic side kicks in sometimes and you want to scan a music score or share a sketch you've just done.

Give a try to Genius Scan's high-resolution scans.

I don’t wait for Spring Cleaning to unclutter. I’m paperless: each time I receive a document, I scan it with Genius Scan and archive it to Dropbox.
— Julie A.
I use Genius Scan for sending plans to contractors. The quality is great and I save valuable time by not having to go to the office every time I tweak a drawing.
— Mike K., Architect
I have my students Genius Scan their documents and email them so that I can grade them on my iPad.
— Ruth Y., High School Teacher




Fast scanning, high resolution scans

Since day one, we've tweaked our image processing algorithms so that they are fast and generate high quality scans.


Perspective correction

Genius Scan auto corrects and perspective distortion in your photo, so you don't have to be perfectly flat above your document. You can actually tilt your phone to avoid shadows!


Magic Mode & BATCH MODE

With the Magic mode, your scans are auto-detected and snapped for you handsfree!

With the Batch mode, scan dozens of pages in a breeze. Import tons of images at once from your photos library.


PDF documents

Easily create multi-page PDF documents by gathering multiple scans.

Enhance and edit

Genius Scan features three fine-tuned image enhancements: Black and White, Color/Whiteboard and Photo. Genius Scan autodetects the best one for your scans.


Export & share

Export your documents to any of a growing list of storage services such as Box, Dropbox, Evernote, FTP, Google Drive, Microsoft OneNote & OneDrive, SugarSync, WebDAV… With Auto Export, your documents are automatically exported in the background as you create or modify them.


Prevent unauthorized access to your documents with Touch ID or a pin code. Encrypt your PDF documents so that only your recipient can read them.


Smart Document Names*

Name your PDFs the way you want based on lots of different parameters: location, date time or even customized prompts when you save the document.

Tags and search

Label your documents with tags, use the search field to locate them instantaneously.


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