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Genius Scan for Enterprise

Genius Scan for Enterprise is a cost-efficient solution to enable your employees to scan and send important paperwork from their mobile devices. Avoid headaches with lost documents and don't wait for paper documents to arrive to the headquarters.

There are two main options to benefit from Genius Scan for Enterprise: a volume purchase or a custom application.


Develop an Ad-hoc Solution with the Genius Scan SDK

If you have specific needs, we offer a scanner SDK that lets you build a custom scanning application around our proven technology. The SDK is the same software that we use at the core of Genius Scan. It's tried and tested every day by millions of people, on iOS and Android.


Deploy the Genius Scan You Know

Genius Scan can be downloaded in bulk with the Volume Purchase Program (iOS) or Android for Work. Combined with a MDM, it's a convenient way for your company to safely scan its documents.

This is also an option if you are interested in Genius Sign and Genius Fax.


Volume Purchase and Discount

You can download Genius Scan or buy Genius Scan+ in bulk using the enterprise program of the desired app store:

  • On iOS, register with the Volume Purchase Program.

    If you use a MDM to manage your employee's devices, you can then remotely distribute Genius Scan. Otherwise, the volume purchase program will let you generate promo codes that your employees can redeem.
  • It isn't yet available on Android, as Google Play doesn't support bulk purchase of apps. However:
    • you can approve Genius Scan on Play for Work to let your employees install the free version of the app
    • you can invite your employees to buy Genius Scan+ individually, and reimburse their purchase
    • you can apply for a special license for Genius Scan+ if you have more than 1,500 users (contact us)

Note that these enterprise programs don't allow us to offer any discount.

Managed Configuration

You can distribute Genius Scan remotely on your workers' devices via an MDM tool.

This gives you the option to pre-configure the app to simplify its setup by your users, and to impose restriction over the sharing of your internal documents. Refer to our documentation and your MDM provider's.

Genius Scan or Genius Scan+

Genius Scan is available for free, even for companies.

However, we recommend that you equip your employees with Genius Scan+ which offers more powerful features and more security.

For an exhaustive list of the differences between Genius Scan and Genius Scan+: iOS, Android.


We take your company's security and privacy very seriously. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.


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